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They have a very fantastic journey to explain with pride

They are serving for more than 20 years, a very long-time period occurred and collaborators in commerce for the 10years, Gregorio Ruggeri & Craig Longhurst moved to New York 5 a long time back with a big dream for the purpose of achieving their customer satisfaction. Idealizing the fine craftsmanship of aesthetics has continuously been something that has, and still may be a steady mantra for them both.

Longhurst has the most beautiful architecture of their flooring and the building for the best to achieve their customer satisfaction at RMIT in Melbourne, one of Australia’s finest beautiful college. He afterward went on to open a Coffee shop called ‘Soda Sisters’ that got to be a notorious Melbourne hot spot for Society ladies and folks as well as being utilized for TV & Film shoots. Afterward, Longhurst moved to Hong Kong as the Deals and Promoting Executive for Herman Mill operator the Asia Pacific. Moving back to Sydney, a few a long time afterward to seek after a part with Wilkahn at that point Unifor. It was at that point that Craig met Gregorio.

Gregorio Ruggeri started his journey to the best as a collaborator in his mother’s salon at the receptive age of 13. By the time he turned 15, Ruggeri was apprenticing at an upscale salon in Sydney’s chic Paddington neighborhood. Inside as it were many years, Ruggeri was a full-time hairstylist, conjointly prepared as a cosmetics craftsman, going on to do hair and cosmetics routinely for Yves Holy person Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

it is that saloon which is the best of services where they have a big client. 

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