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Top 10 Salons in the USA

Top 10 Salons in the USA
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We have traveled across the USA to find out this master list of best Salons in the USA where you can get all the services at very reasonable prices.

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The top salons which we have discovered in the USA are:

  1. Great Clips
  2. Supercuts
  3. Fantastic Sam Cut and Color
  4. Cost Cutters Family Hair Care
  5. First Choice Haircutters
  6. SEVA Beauty
  7. Blo Blow Dry Bar
  8. Roosters Men’s Grooming Centre
  9. Scissors and Scotch
  10. Lemon Tree Family Salon

Great Clips: 

Great Clips is a casual salon that offers haircuts for adults as well as kids with professional styling. Its services are for seven days without any break and there is no need for an appointment. 

It was founded by Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer and located nearby the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis in 1982 and franchising since 1983. It has many branches in different areas of the USA and none of them is company-owned.


It is one of the top salons in the USA. Supercuts offers a lot of services including haircut, hair color, waxing, and tea tree oil scalp hair massages. They have launched an online mobile application where you can book appointments online. 

It was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area by Geoffrey M. Rappaport and Frank E. Emmett in 1975 and started services since 1979. Some of its branches are owned by the company.

Fantastic Sam Cut and Color:

Fantastic Sam Cut and Color is the most affordable salon which offers haircuts, hair color, hair styling, and shampoo treatments. It provides you a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Fantastic Sam Cut and Color was created in 1974 by Sam Ross and started its services in 1976. It has many branches in different states of USA

Cost Cutter Family Hair Care:

One of the best Salons that provides you a friendly environment at reasonable prices that everyone can afford easily. Along with haircuts, they offer many other services including hair color, dye, highlights, lowlights, texturizing, tanning, and waxing.

Joy Francis is the founder of Cost Cutter Family Hair Care. It was started in 1982. It has comparatively fewer branches as compared to other salons and it is the only USA based.

First Choice Haircutters:

First Choice Haircutters seems like the first choice. Another salon with a lot of services along with haircut, hair color, trimming, deep conditioning and waxing. They give a seven-day guarantee on all the products and services.

Bud Cowan took its initiative in 1980 but now its outlets are declining.

SEVA Beauty:

SEVA Beauty is included among the top salons in the USA with so many services. It is the causal beauty salon. They do brow shaping with the help of thread and waxing, brow tinting, eyelash extensions, hair removal, facials, and different makeup applications. Their motto is “Beauty to the people”.

Maniatis in 2008 started SEVA Beauty and made a lot of business.

Blo Blow Dry Bar:

Blo Blow Dry Bar is among the top unique blow dry bars in the USA. Its basic service is wash and blow-dry but some of its branches also offer bridal hairstyles, nails, waxing, and makeup services.

It was created in 2007 and started its proper services from 2009. It has branches in the USA, Canada, Philippines.

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center:

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center is another top hair salon in the USA. It offers traditional men’s haircuts. Along with haircut other services like facial shaves, head shaves, beard trimming, and men’s facial is also available.

In 1999, Joe Grondin started it. Two of its branches are out of the USA.

Scissors and Scotch:

Another top salon of the USA is Scissors and Scotch. It the famous men’s hair salon. In Scissors and Scotch, you can get both traditional and modern services. It is amongst best men’s grooming salon where they provide a family-friendly environment. It also offers membership to its clients where they get discounted services.

It was started in 2017 by Erik Anderson. All branches are within the USA.

Lemon Tree Family Salon:

USA top salons also include Lemon Tree Family Salon. It provides full service and is a price-efficient hair salon. Its services are haircuts, hair styling, trimming of beard and mustache, highlights and dyes.

Joan M. Cable started this salon in the USA in 1974.

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