Sport Clips Haircuts of Mansfield is located at 1811 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd, Mansfield, TX 76063 and is considered among top-ranking salons in Texas.

Sport clips haircuts of Mansfield is his type of place where he feels ease and comfort by just entering the salon.

They have a group of experts skilled professional, the help of them Gordon develop this salon. Their mission is to provide a championship hair experience in this themed atmosphere. It has branches in all 50 states in the US.

Sport Clips Haircuts of Mansfield Services:

Sport Clips Haircuts of Mansfield provides different services. Sport on TV, a relaxing massage for neck and shoulder, steam towel treatment and perfect haircut from Guy-Smart stylists that are certified and expert in men’s and boys’ hair care.

Their stylists turned something you have to do into something you want. They provide you a friendly atmosphere.

Their system is updated, and you can make an appointment online with the stylish that you want.

Sport Clips Haircuts of Mansfield Timings:

Sport Clips Haircuts of Mansfield remains open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM. There is no holiday and it is open all the week, but its timings change for Sunday that is 11 PM to 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 6 Pm

Make your appointment today and get yourself relaxed from a hectic routine

Sport Clips Haircuts of Mansfield Reviews on Google

Kenneth Hart

a month ago
The young lady did a wonderful job with my husband. He has Alzheimer’s and she was kind and gentle with him. I appreciated her so much.

Ferman Cavazos

a year ago

I wanted to get a haircut for my birthday yesterday, I normally go to the same barber every week but decided Sports Clips hair salon due to the free upgrade I read about. I asked for a simple low taper clean up with a 0. The stylist then pointed to the correct spot in where to begin but then she cut about 2 inches above the taper point of my hair which is really high.

For the sake of trying something different I just dealt with it. I was taken to wash my hair, then styled. At the end of the day, I returned home and washed my hair and noticed even more major flaws. The taper line is very uneven and still heavily visible on some parts, the left side had been taken all the way up with the same gaurd (possibly a 1) and erased the fade effect completely, and the front of “fade” is very uneven.

I can’t even comb over my hair to cover up the missing fade side because my hair on top had also been cut uneven. The more I tried to style my hair myself, the more frustrated I get and notice more and more. I went from a simple taper request to a very sloppy Mohawk look with an extremely bad fade attempt.

I am very embarrassed because after washing my own hair and scrubbing away the excess hair, it looks horrible and unfinished. I felt confident in going in for a simple taper from a place that specializes in Men’s cuts but unfortunately regret it. I am sorry for the bad review but I feel the stylist needs more training after seeing the aftermath when returning home.

Erick Velasco

a month ago
I got a nice haircut from this place.. I would recommend this place to anyone who is needing a haircut on short notice. Very quick service.

Devan Sanchez

a month ago
Unfortunately, I don’t gave the best haircut experiences at Sport Clips whatsoever. So, walking into this one in Mansfield, my expectations and standards dropped to the ground immediately due to my past experiences at other locations. The only reason I visit Sport Clips is when my stylist is unavailable. That being said, that matter just changed. This specific Sport Clips however, changed my perspective on the franchise as a whole. I walked in, was immediately greeted with a smile and politely prompted to sign in, which I did. Almost instantly I was called to get my haircut. Personally, I do not let anyone touch my hair unless they have experience under their belt with my specific style of cut and choice. I know it’s being picky and extra, but I want things done right. The one who cut my hair was Morgan, I didn’t catch her last name, but her first name is enough for me to remember who she is and how she did. I asked if she was familiar with the cut that I was requesting and she assured me that she knew it very well whilst having 9 years experience. That truly, truly put a smile on my face. I sat down and she went to work, doing everything seemingly flawlessly. I loved the outcome and could not be more satisfied to know that I’d finally found a Sport Clips that I could become a “regular” to. Upon leaving, I paid the $20 price and couldn’t help but think it wasn’t quite enough to pay for a great result. I tipped an extra $5. I thanked her and she thanked me. I did not forget to ask her name, because I don’t believe I can have anyone else in Sport Clips provide that sort of perfectly executed satisfaction. I cannot thank Morgan enough for making my day that day.

Michelle Stanley

2 years ago
Went in for a quick shampoo and haircut all was great our wait time was less than 5 minutes!!

Robert P

2 months ago
I wish I remembered her name, but my hair stylist was very personable, she talked to me the whole time and made my experience wonderful. Normally I am very shy, I’m a “go in, hair cut” and leave kind of guy. But this time I really enjoyed my time actually having a conversation while getting my hair cut.

Mechelle Turnbow

a month ago
Checked in online no wait when I arrived! Fully staffed with nice attitudes and did a great job! Will definitely go back, hope the experience is the same!

Billy Parsons

2 months ago
Great people, super friendly. They do a really good job and make sure you like it! Plus that massage is amazing!!

Dylan Kirk

a month ago
Everyone here was really nice and professional. Kim did a great job with how I wanted my hair cut.

Edgar Elliston

a week ago
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality

I appreciate the respect, quality, and overall customer service. I will be return, Lord willing.

Tara Montgomery

2 months ago
We came here on Christmas Eve and got our 3 year old’s hair cut without an appointment. She did such a great job!! We highly recommend this place!

William Roark

2 months ago
Easy check in, short time, engaging, pleasant staff, professional. Excellent first experience. I’ll definitely be back!

Scott McCartney

2 weeks ago
Perfect online reservation process, great value for wash/cut/hot towell and massage. Discount for first cut too, Kimbo gave me a great haircut. Highly reccommend.


2 months ago
We came in after registering online so we didn’t have to wait and somehow we were taken off the list. I then registered again once in the salon and kept being moved around to someone not requested. We just needed a haircut fast since we had somewhere to be. I think the really frustrating part was seeing all of the girls sitting in the break room doing nothing while the lobby became over packed. There was only one lady working the entire time. We had selected first available and the ladies just still sat in the room and looked at me while I waited. I’m very frustrated with the customer service they provided and even had other customers leave due to this same problem.


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1811 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd, Mansfield, TX 76063, United States

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